I grew up on in a small town in New Hampshire, and my family owned one of two auto repair shops in town. The other shop got most of the town’s business, until one night in 1966, my dad had a vision – he saw a giant, helpful, “muffler man” with a line of cars waiting to be repaired. So he took his life savings ($1,200 – a fortune back then), made a call to a guy in California, and ordered a custom 20’ muffler man he named Howard II, after himself. You see, he wanted to be a giant among men, and he got his wish.

I was born a couple of years later and thanks to Howard, led a pretty nice life. Howard II ran the competition out of business, and despite numerous failed attempts to mess with Howard by drunk high school kids (yours truly included) and wasted summer camp counselors, my "big bro" stood the test of time.

This website is dedicated to Howard and his kin – the wonderful giants that have saved countless small businesses worldwide, and that also make travelling by car a great escape from the mundane.

See you on the road! – Howard III


giant howard

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